There are growing threats to the Great Barrier Reef.

The most serious being climate change, catchment pollution, coastal development, and fishing.


You don’t have to be a scientist to have a positive impact on coral reefs, Ze Flamant Rose will share with you 10 easy steps to help protect our beautiful Reef.

 Want to learn about simple and effective actions you can take to help save coral reefs and the fish, animals, and plants that depend on them?

Conserve water: The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater will pollute our oceans.

Help reduce pollution: Walk, bike or ride the bus. Fossil fuel emissions from cars and industry raise lead to ocean warming which causes mass-bleaching of corals and can lead to widespread destruction of reefs.

Use only ecological or organic fertilizers: Although you may live thousands of miles from a coral reef ecosystem, these products flow into the water system, pollute the ocean, and can harm coral reefs and marine life.

Dispose of your trash properly: keeping trash out of oceans and landfills will assist in the water quality. If others leave trash behind, pick it up and carry it to a proper disposal site. Plastic bags, six-pack rings, and other trash can kill sea life.

Support reef-friendly businesses: Ask the fishing, boating, hotel, aquarium, dive or snorkelling operators how they protect the reef. Be sure they care for the living reef ecosystem and ask if the organisation responsible is part of a coral reef ecosystem management effort.

Plant a tree: Trees reduce runoff into the oceans. You will also contribute to reversing the warming of our planet and the rising temperatures of our oceans. Help us Plant a Billion.

Practice safe and responsible diving and snorkeling: Do not touch the reef or anchor your boat on the reef. Contact with the coral will damage the delicate coral animals, and anchoring on the reef can kill it, so look for sandy bottom or use moorings if available.

Volunteer for a coral reef cleanup: You don’t live near a coral reef? Then do what many people do with their vacation: visit a coral reef. Spend an afternoon enjoying the beauty of one of the most diverse ecosystems on the Earth.

Spread the word: Remember your own excitement at learning how important the planet’s coral reefs are to us and the intricate global ecosystem. Share this excitement and encourage others to get involved. Send a free coral reef e-card today!