What our clients are saying about us

Year 2015

- ``I went to Ze Flamant Rose because I was looking for a salon with great eco credentials. I found a salon that really suits me! Emilie was so creative and really understood what I was after. I had such a great experience, I will definitely be back and have already recommended it to my friends.`` Fiona.C

- ``A great salon! As a professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor I do have met many hairdressers, yet Ze Flamant Rose is outstanding. I was interested in the green beauty products and Emilie was so knowledgeable. The atmosphere is very relaxing although I went in for hair colour, I felt as if I spent a day in the spa. The customer service was great. Emilie really listened to my ideas and concerns and took time for a consultation prior to colouring. Most importantly: I left super happy, with shiny hair and a stunning hair colour. Thank you!`` Liv.L

- ``I have finally found my place; eco-friendly products together with top-of-class, friendly service! Emilie is a true professional in hair styling, cutting and coloring without all the nasty chemicals, and I have never met anyone like her before. Emilie and Cyril really know how to treat customers as people, not numbers. Huge thank you to both ot you - I will definitely be back!: Tiina.T

- “I chose Ze Flamant Rose for their green awards and use of eco friendly products. I was delighted to find that Cyril and Emilie are both very genuine in their commitment this philosophy, and use high quality, organic brands. They were quick to respond to my email, and made time for me on the same day.” Alexis.F

- “The salon itself is beautifully decorated and I was offered a delicious pot of tea and chocolate truffle. Cyril and Emilie are beautiful, warm people and skilled at their jobs. Cyril did my hair and it turned out exactly the colour and length I had hoped for, and my facial with Emilie was the most relaxing experience of my life. I felt like I left glowing and my skin reacted perfectly to her analysis.”

Year 2014

- “Ze Flamant Rose made me feel sexy again, it doesn’t matter what my age is, it is about being confident in my body” Deb.C

- “Emilie took care of me on the biggest day of my life, My WEDDING day!
We did a pre-wedding trial, she completely understood my needs about my hair and also make-up. On the D day she made a very peaceful atmosphere around me as I was really stressed, she had a perfect timing. She is very professional!! Highly recommended....100% of success and satisfaction!!” Emmanuelle.B

- “Everything I just said above, great organic products and amazing service, alot of care to the customer, love the detail in the salon from the tea and macaroons, love the head massages and music, and the seats in the washing room are amazing that you can lie down! I love everything about you guys! :-)) xx” Tess.M

- “There is a certain Parisian flair to the salon setup and service, its a differentiator from other salons” Tom.C

- “Atmosphere, European styling ability that matches my being european, and Cyril is a very good hairdresser, and a good bloke.... You know hair!” Lindsay.V

- “This salon is very eco-friendly and shows it not only through the natural products used, but also through everyday activities and habits . These small things make a big difference and I like how you are genuinely committed to providing a clean and green environment. Very unique for the hair and beauty industry. ” Talia.K

- “I can't think of anything thats less than impressive!!! BRILLIANT” Tracy.H

- “The welcoming nature and Savoir Faire.” Aurelie.P

- “You're not a commercial salon and take the time to listen. You also have a very good appreciation of differing skin and hair tones.” Darshana.P

- “Fabulous colourist.” Katie.G

- “I was very impressed with the attention my hair got and there was an immediate understanding of my needs and what I like. Wonderful service , generous time warm and caring.” Madeleine.S

- “I was so impressed with the artistic knowledge of hairdressing and the pride Cyril took in the work he was doing. watching him work on my hair was so good. He used creativity to enable my very full bodied hair suit a short hair cut. Thank you so much Cyril and I will be back for sure!” Alex.K

- “I really was very impressed about the service and knowledge. Loved my hair-cut!”

- “Lovely Salon, friendly people and my hair looks better each time I come!” Emma.C

- “I always felt relaxed and pampered.. Thanks!!!” Debbie.R

- “A big thank you to all the team of Ze Flamant Rose for taking care of my beauty on the day of my wedding! Emilie really listens to my needs and makes an exceptional work for my chignon! Emilie and Cyril were extremely professional. I recommend to all future married to appeal to their service. Even for every day their Beauty Salon embodies the French class which is more enjoyable! Best professional service ever had in Australia! For me and my husband who was take in charge by Cyril! Thank again to make me gorgeous for my wedding day!” Alexandra.B

- “Ze Flamant Rose the cutest hair salon in Surry Hills, offers an amazing experience from the atmosphere cozy and warm to the personalised and professional services. Emilie really listens to your needs and makes an exceptional work. Since a long time I wasn’t so satisfied by my hair cut and had so many compliments.” Diana.C

- “So relaxing and very detailed work, every aspect of the process was explained so I felt like I was learning about my own hair.” Sebastian.T

- “I also had the opportunity to test their organic spa facial and it was absolutely divine. My skin was enlightened and plumped. As well as to the hair than to the skin, Emilie has fairy fingers!! I definitely recommend Ze Flamant Rose and I will be back soon for change my color.”

Year 2013

- “Ze Flamant Rose the most AMAZING! Hair salon i’ve ever been too.. Its an experiance so happy with my hair, the staff are beautiful. GET THERE PEOPLE!!!”

- “Emilie and Cyril have created a hairdressing haven with Ze Flamant Rose. Their attention to detail and customer service is second to none. You feel like you are sitting in someone’s home with comfortable chairs and superb decor with the best hair washing basins and colour room. You leave with a hairstyle to suit your style, personality and lifestyle, they listen to their clients needs. Congratulations!”

- “Lauren Hernandez and I had such great time. My hair was definitely in need for a change and Cyril did a fantastic job that I am so happy with. A luxurious experience from start to finish that I will spread to my friends. Thanks for having us and keep it up!”

- “Great time yesterday at Ze Flamant Rose. Hair styled and a friendly drink afterwards.”

- “Wonderful morning Ze Flamant Rose enjoyed a great head massage in the peaceful hair basin cocoon and now my very happy hair is floating in the wind thanks to the beautiful Emilie Spianti.”

- “Had a great cut and new style yesterday from Cyril! Stuck around after for a few laughs too.. Excellent!”

- “Earlier this week though you may have caught me drinking tea in Surry Hills… and trying to remember something from my five years of (trying to) learn French in school. This was the few and only hours of my week when I switched off, and the guys at Ze Flamant Rose took the time to freshen up my mane. Sometimes a bit of a chop and pampering is like a fuel stop, and if it reminds you of home far, far away as French accents grace the room – even better.”