Serendipity Atelier is your beautiful Hair Salon in Surry Hills.

“I believe in health-conscious treatments and artistic integrity combined with a logical approach to beauty. I am passionate about helping you look your best while using the healthiest products in hair care.”

About Serendipity Atelier

Serendipity Atelier, Hair Salon is in a beautiful terrace Surry Hills.

The salon has built a reputation for excellent service and is known to be the most relaxing hair salon in Sydney. The unique five room terrace offers the highest standards of privacy, attention and finesse.

In October 2018, Hoon, a passionate and talented hairdresser leads the Serendipity Atelier. He always wanted to run a sustainable and reputable hair salon and he felt in love with the cosy look of the terrace.

Our Mission

Serendipity Atelier helps every individual feel naturally beautiful and healthy, providing a luxurious alternative for women and men that seek artistic styling, personalised hair care and a gentler, health-conscious approach to hair colouring and beauty.

Our Non Toxic Approach

The ammonia in normal hair colouring solutions creates tiny holes in the hair. This leads to breakage, dryness, and overall hair damage. But there are further problems that come with using ammonia. Over time, it damages the protein responsible for producing pigment in the hair. This reduces the hair’s ability to hold on to colour.

Using vegan and eco friendly hair products that don’t damage this important protein gives you a better long-term result because the hair can hold the colour better. This means less fading, better colour, and healthier hair.

Eco-friendly Hair Salon