Is a short haircut right for you? This question always comes up in your mind and probably is in every long-haired girl’s thoughts as the weather gets warmer. But even at other times of the year, you tire of your heavy, long locks and think how much easier it would be to wash and style your hair if you just chopped off the excess length and went short.images14

Adding to the argument is the bevy of celebrities. But as Emilie Spianti, master-stylist, short hair specialist and co-owner of Ze Flamant Rose Hair&Beauty salon, says, “Short hairstyles are no longer just for daring celebs looking for a change. Any woman can rock her version of short and sassy locks with confidence.”


Here’s what to consider when choosing your new short style:

Your Short Haircut Guidelines

Face Shape: It may be easier for you to look good in short hair if you don’t have a round face. However, even round-faced women can look good in this style (think Ginnifer Goodwin) if they choose one that works with their hair texture and get frequent trims to keep it looking sleek. Try a style with some length that makes your face look slimmer, such as a long page-boy cut, or one with longer layers in the front, such as a shag cut, which hides facial fullness. Just don’t go so short that your cheeks look pudgy.



Hair Texture: Fine- and straight-haired women should know that a short haircut is the easiest to maintain and works best with their hair type. They’ll no longer have to spend money on pricey styling products to make their hair look thicker or spend hours using curling irons to coax their hair into waves. If you have these types of hair, all you’ll need to do is get a trim every month or so to keep the shape of your cut.

Curly-haired girls may need more frequent trims, though. They should also choose the longer short hairstyles that work better with wayward hair, like the shag or a wavy bob, that don’t need straightening every time after washing and use EVO Salty Dog to get a perfect beach style.


Style Upkeep: Hate spending time and money at the hair salon? If so, a short haircut is right for you. When summer comes, all you have to do when you get out of the ocean or pool is wash your hair, let it air-dry, and maybe style it with EVO Crop Strutters. However, there is a trade-off—though you’ll need less time to style your hair, short hairstyles emphasize facial features, especially the eyes. You might need to use more makeup, especially mascara and eyeshadow, when you go short, which will add more time to your beauty routine.

In short, there are a lot of advantages to having a short haircut. You’ll feel lighter, and you’ll brighten your look with a new, hip style. And Remember, it will grow back.