Eco friendly office style is on trend today.

Many of you spend most of their day in office, no wonder you generate as much carbon emission from your office as from your home.


  You operate office equipments that consume significant energy, and in addition, you use lots of paper while working there.

This make the harshness we throw out from your office to the environment even more severe.


Office paper is the most heavily recovered segment of printing and writing paper,(which also includes book and magazine paper, junk mail, brochures, etc.). Surely, there are lots other ecological impacts generated from our office, like using the Earth’s precious conservation, water and energy. You do as well generating emission, pollution and contamination while doing our activities at your office.

Making your work space to an eco friendly office would help minimizing the above impacts.

Here are 6 major eco friendly office guides and the reasons why you should implement them in your office:
Minimise the use of energy:

Attempts of reducing the consumption of energy in the office can be done in some smart ways. Not just without impeding your work.

These smart energy efficiency tips will reduce the monthly office cost:

– Exploit sunlight for your office lighting. Take advantage of the day light by installing windows and skylights, (use the sunlight to build a solar panel to power your office’s electricity).

– Energy-saving lighting : Use only LED bulb or CFL for the lighting. Where possible, apply solar lamp (you will immediately make a great energy reduction by doing this). Designing your office that enable day lighting is also a great way to save electricity consumption.

– Energy-Saving office equipments: Use Energy Star labeled products for your office equipments (computers, monitors, fax, copier etc). Products verified under Energy Star use much lower energy.

– Eco Friendly Energy : Get your office powered with eco friendly energy, such like solar energy or renewable energy, where possible.

– Efficient Use of Electricity,(this refers to the habit of office occupant):
Always unplug all the office equipments when you leave the office (electric equipments still consume a small amount of electricity when they are turned off but still plugged in).
Set computers, copiers and other machines into stand by, sleep or suspend mode during office hours. Those equipments attempt to cut power to all unneeded parts of the machine, you will save a lot of energy.

– Adjust your thermostat: Setting even one degree higher can make a significant difference in the electric consumption


Use papers smartly:

– Make hard copies only when necessary.

– Always use both sides of papers.

– Buy recycled papers only (choose products with high percentage of post-consumer recycled content).

– Avoid buying bleached or colored paper.

– Choose chlorine-free papers.

– Consider papers with more Eco materials (Hemp papers).

– Make the maximum use of unwanted papers.

Even though you have strictly implemented the above eco paper manners in your office, your will not be free of unwanted papers still. There will be old documents, unwanted catalogs, brochures, boxes and other paper waste. Don’t just throw them to the landfill!

Here are some ideas of what you can make with those paper waste :

-Shred them : Use them in your packing in shipment, instead of using Styrofoam.

– Reuse the boxes : Either for packaging or container.

– Reuse Paper : Calendars, leaflets, magazine etc, that usually contain colorful and beautiful images can be used in creative crafts, such as personal wishing cards, gift wrap, scrap book etc.
If you have papers with only 1 side used, you can make them as notes or internal memos.


Save Water:

– Find and repair any water leaking : toilet, taps and other water fixtures such water heater, urinals, worn pipes and loosen seals etc.

– Turn to water saving fixtures: use dual flush toilets, automatic taps and urinals, spray nozzles on hoses (those water- efficient fixtures can save large amount of water use in the toilets, office yard and canteen kitchen).

– Clean the windows and cars less often, using waterless cloth will help saving water. Use a water saving ( and energy saving as well ) dishwasher in your canteen.

– Consider reusing water, collect and use grey water to flush the toilets or water the lawn, garden (grey water is waste water collected from showers, baths, washing, cooling process etc).

– Collect rainwater (rainwater can be used to clean the parking area, flush the toilet and water the lawn).

  • To create an eco office, minimizing the water consumption is as important as reducing the energy consumption. Those above guides on smart steps of reducing water consumption in the office can greatly help the water efficiency consumption and can as well save significant amount of money if properly implemented.


Design your office as much eco friendly as possible:

Having a working space designed or decorated as eco friendly office can reduce the consumption of energy and water, and minimize the air pollution too.

Where possible some environmental consideration should taken into account when designing an eco friendly office.

– Build a rain harvesting system, so your office wont waste water for toilet flushing, cleaning the yard etc. Despite of the water crisis that threatened our Earth, we have wasted this limited stock fresh water, supposedly to be drinking water.

– Install windows, design your office with installing windows to enable you to use more daylight as lighting . Having windows also help the air circulation and reduce the indoor pollution. Smartly installed windows features can also help controlling the temperature (block the outdoor heat in summer while keeping heat inside your office within winter).

– Green your office, have indoor plants, some are very good to purify the indoor air in your office. Plant tree if your office have yard if possible. Consider designing roof garden or vertical garden.

– Smart Room Division, design the rooms efficiently and smartly, pooling more staffs in a room will save the energy of lighting, and air-conditioning. Most of the energy consumed in office is used for cooling and heating the air, (heating and cooling space takes the biggest portion of energy consumption in office).

– Eco furnishing, use as much eco products to furnish your office, always choose low-energy office appliances, water-saving fixtures, eco friendly furniture and use as much products from recycled materials.


Lunch, coffee:

Lunch and coffee during office hours also contribute huge role in global warming. This is related to your lunch and coffee drinking habitual, which by some small changes, you can contribute a great change for our environment.

– Use Organic Coffee. Buy Organic Food

– Brew your coffee at home (use a reusable filter). Bring your own dishes from home.

– Use a thermos. Use Tupperware.

– Bring your home-made coffee to work. DON’T use paper napkins, paper cups, or coffee sleeves.

– Compost the coffee grounds (use the left coffee grounds as compost).



Transportation to and from work consumes lots of fuel and throws huge amount of carbon to the air. Do some tricks to get and leave your office, this will also shorten your carbon foot print !

– Use as much as possible public transport.

– Share car to go and leave work.

– Use bicycle or walk where possible.

Taking action on those prominent guidelines for eco friendly office will positively contribute environment protection!