This post is dedicated to your beautiful LIVING-ROOM, and how to clean it with DIY eco-friendly products.


How to make your own Wood Polish.

  1. 1 Lemon
  2. 1 Tablespoon Grapeseed  or Olive oil
  3. 1 Tablespoon Water
  4. Clean cloth and Small jar

1. Juice 1 lemon and pour the contents into a small jar.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of oil and 1 tablespoon of water.

3. Seal the jar tightly and shake, shake, shake until emulsified.

4. Dip your cloth into the polish and make that wood shine!

If you have just one small piece of furniture to polish, reserve half the mixture in a different jar and use it for a salad dressing.

How to make your own Window Cleaner and Glass furniture.

  1. 1L Warm Water
  2. 2 Teaspoon White Vinegar
  3. Crumpled Newspaper or Clean cotton cloth

Only use the black and white newspapers, not the colored ones. Don’t clean windows if the sun is on them, or if they are warm, or streaks will show on drying.

1. Mix 2 teaspoons of white vinegar with 1L warm water.

2. Use crumpled newspaper or cotton cloth to clean.

 Be sure to follow the recipe, because using too strong a solution of vinegar will etch the glass and eventually cloud it.

How to make your own Sofa Cleaner.


  1. Paper Towels
  2. 1/4 Cup Vinegar
  3. 1/4 Cup Olive Oil
  4. 10 Drops Lemon or Orange essential oil (optional)
  5. Small bowl

1. Start by vacuuming your leather furniture, removing any bits of food and dust lurking about. Then gently wipe the leather item with a damp paper towel.

2. Mix together the vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl, whisking to incorporate. The oil and vinegar won’t completely come together because the liquids have different densities.

3.  Adding essential oil gives the cleaner a nice scent, which leaves your furnishings smelling fresh.

3. Dip a clean paper towel into the homemade cleaner and then gently rub on a small test area of the leather item. Working in a circular motion, coat the entire piece.

4. Let dry for 20 minutes and check for discoloration before coating furniture. Use a clean and dry paper towel to gently wipe down the furniture, removing any remaining oil.


  1. 1/4 Cup Organic Dishwashing detergent
  2. 1 Cup Warm Water
  3. Small bowl, Handheld, Spatula, Soft cloths, Hair Dryer.
  1. Mix some organic dishwashing with warm water and use a handheld  to beat it until a nice thick meringue-like foam. 
  2. Using a soft bristled brush, gently rub some of the foam into the stain and watch as the dirt and grime lifts out of the fabric and into the foam.
  3. Remove the soiled foam with a rubber spatula.Use a soft cloth to apply only the suds to the stained area. 
  4. Rinse the spot you just cleaned by gently but thoroughly wiping away any leftover suds (rinse the suds out of your rag at least once during the process).
  5. After everything is dry (a hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying process) examine the spot you cleaned to see if the process needs to be repeated.

Now that your furniture is clean, you don’t want to mess it up even worse by allowing it to mildew. Keep all cushions and pillows separate for quicker drying. Once you are 100% positive that everything is completely dry, go ahead and put it all back together and enjoy.

How to make your own T.V, Computer screen cleaner.

  1. 1/2 Cup White vinegar
  2. 1/2 Cup Distilled water (make sure you use distilled only)
  3. Clean cloths
  4. Small bowl
  1. Mix the vinegar and water an small bowl (a spray bottle would also work).
  2. Dip the cloth into the bowl and wipe the screen or spray a soft, lint-free cloth with the solution (DO NOT spray directly on your screen, as it can drip into places it shouldn’t go)