Make shoulder length hair work for the evening: 9 ways

Whether it’s a BOB, LOB or in between, explore new ways to style your shorter lengths at

Here is 9 ways to style your bob:

A slight off-centre part and subtle kink reads natural and no-fuss. Partially towel dry hair and add EVO LIQUID ROLLERS before scrunching your hair with your hands while blow-drying to enhance the hair’s natural volume. If the waves aren’t exactly as you envisioned, take a curler and lightly curl the ends away from the face.

Cobie Smulder’s full and soft bob is the ideal choice for her naturally wavy hair. Add ALTERNA AMPLIFYING MOUSSE, concentrating on the roots of your hair and blow dry against the direction it’s growing in a low setting, to add volume. Add EVO ICON WELDER heat protecting spay to the hair and use CLOUD NINE WAND to control the waves; make the curls tighter towards the ends of the hair so that it curls up and under. Spray ALTERNA WORKING HAIRSPRAY and allow it to set.

Natalie Portman’s sleek hair highlights her graduated bob. Apply EVO ICON WELDER heat protection with EVO LOVE TOUCH shine spray and run CLOUD NINE hair straightener through the lengths of the hair.

Kate Mara’s futuristic hair is a real-world take on the runway’s slick wet hair look. Keep hair flat and shiny by applying EVO EASY TIGER, and blow-drying your hair outwards at the ends.

Inspired by Grace Kelly, Cate Blanchett’s Golden Globes hair was a clear winner. To recreate the look, make a deep side part and use CLOUD NINE THEO hot rollers to create a retro curl. To modernise the look, add some volume at the part by backcombing the hair and smoothing over the top layer. The key is to keep one side of the hair off the face, so use a touch of EVO CASUAL ACT modelling past at the side. Set the hair with plenty of ALTERNA WORKING HAIRSPRAY to achieve the look.

Michelle Dockery’s classic bob has added volume at the crown. To achieve this, backcomb the hair (add ALTERNA WORKING HAIRSPRAY if your hair is too slippery) and smooth over the top. Keep the rest of the hair smooth and sleek with ALTERNA POLISHING SERUM, and blow-dry the ends inwards for a polished look.

For a pretty, feminine look, Jewel has opted for a modified 20s finger wave. Part the hair slightly off-centre and gather the hair at the back in a rough bun, keeping a section of hair loose at the front on one side. If your hair is too short, French braid your hair and pin and use ALTERNA WORKING HAIRSPRAY as you’re braiding to make sure it’s secure. Curl the unpinned hair and set with hairspray.

Claire Danes keeps her hair short and sweet with a slight curl at the ends. Use CLOUD NINE THEO hot rollers and roll up only halfway up the lengths. Remove, and run your fingers through it to loosen it up.

For Karlie Kloss’s effortless bob, wash hair and towel dry about 60% of the way. Add EVO SALTY DOG (sea salt spray), concentrating at the roots and midlengths of the hair. Blow-dry the hair with a round brush, and add volume powder at the roots to keep it soft and light.

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